When You Don’t Have Enough Time

bp - when you don't have enough time
Ask someone why they didn’t do something and 9 times out of 10, you’ll hear I was busy or I didn’t have time. 

While that may be true, it perpetuates the feeling of having no control of your time or not having enough hours in the day. 

When everything is flowing downstream and you’re paddling upstream, attempting to create the life you desire, that type of thinking will defeat you. You are a mom, wife, daughter, sister, and an aunt with a full-time job and a dream.

There are a million and one things on your calendar. And, before the week starts good, someone will try to add 10 more. 

Just the way you manage $24, you must manage your 24 hours. Everything is a choice. Yes, everything. Working is a choice. I know because sometimes I choose not to go. Feeding your kids a home-cooked meal is a choice. You could eat out 3 times a day, 7 days a week. It may not feel like a choice to you because it’s a standard and a non-negotiable, but it is still a choice. 

So, instead of saying I was busy or I didn’t have time, I want you to start saying, “I prioritized something else.” 

Hey girl, why didn’t you hang out with us last weekend? 

I prioritized my rest. 

Want to grab some lunch? 

I’m prioritizing my business today. How does your calendar look next Tuesday? 

In our private accountability group, we name our #1 goal. Of course we have more than one goal, but there’s always one that will set the others in motion, one that is of a little more urgency. 

There will be times when the urgent goal isn’t the one we want to prioritize. It may seemingly clash with all of our other goals. For example, working 60 hours/week when you’re a mom. 

In those cases, you must remember two things: 

1. Your Why
2. Your Season’s Start & End Dates

There’s a reason you must accomplish this goal. What is that reason? Why is this sacrifice necessary? Why aren’t you going along to get along like everyone else? Whose life is affected by the outcome? 

And, lastly, when does this season of sacrifice begin and end? Going hard can be backbreaking when there isn’t an end goal in sight. Being out of balance cannot be sustained long-term. When you become unbalanced in order to create a life of balance it gives you the strength you need to endure. It’s like taking a workout class and looking up to see there’s only 10 more minutes left. Anybody can withstand 10 more minutes. 

Don’t begin a strenuous journey with only one foot in and no end date. When you’re only half dedicated,  you prolong your loss. Make a commitment to be 100% dedicated so your season doesn’t morph into a lifetime. 

When you say outloud I prioritize my debt elimination it reminds you that you’re not stuck where you are. You are making a decision for whatever your why may be. This decision is single-handedly eliminating or minimizing some of your other top goals. And, because you are dedicated, it will be complete in x amount of days/months/years. 

Allow clarity of your #1 goal to help you be more mindful of your time. Only seeing my children from 6-8am M-F makes my weekend to-do list easy, spend time with the kids. This might mean taking my oldest to a speaking engagement with me or sprinkling in some tickle fights and dance-offs during our morning cleaning. But, whatever you do, don’t make your #1 goal an excuse to write-off living, breathing human beings. Go the extra mile (even if it means doing things you wouldn’t normally do) to assure them they are still important to you. ​

Share your #1 goal in the comments and how you plan to prioritize it this week while still letting making your loved one feel important. 

Also, some next steps you can take include: 

Signing up for a power hour coaching session with me to think through your life and plan for something greater.

Woman, Live!

2 Replies to “When You Don’t Have Enough Time”

  1. I just finished reading a book called Living into Focus by Arther Boers. It was an excellent read and reply puts things into perspective-mind, body, and spirit.


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