She Wanted To Give Her 2 1/2 Year Old A “Halfway Decent Christmas”

bp- white christmas tree

Last weekend I posted our white Christmas tree on Let It Go. Travis wanted to get rid of it a year ago, but I bought that tree for my Grandmother in 2014. Her last Christmas. And, I don’t throw away perfectly good Christmas trees. My 3 year old still uses a bib a friend gave my now 8 year old in 2010. And, it’s stain-free. Ok? Ok.

A few people inquired about the tree and said they had been looking for one exactly like it. But, one person went a little further. She said, “Would you take $10? That’s what I have left to my name. My fiance got laid off from his job about 3 weeks ago and we are trying to give our 2 1/2 year old a halfway decent Christmas.” The day we were set to meet she asked if I could throw in any decorations I was no longer using. So, Travis and I found the ornaments and packed those up, too.

About 30 mins. after the drop-off, I received a text from her. It was a picture of her dad unpacking the tree and her daughter peering into the box. Then, another picture of her daughter standing beside the half-assembled tree, grinning from ear to ear. Then, another text.

“Girl, I am literally in tears. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

There are so many things I have in my home that I wouldn’t think twice about giving away if I knew someone that needed/wanted them. But, where do you post, “Does anyone have an extra Christmas tree? I just want to give my 2 1/2 year old a decent Christmas”? And, what if she hadn’t had the courage to be vulnerable with a complete stranger?

Pastor John Gray of Relentless Church has been having some unorthodox offerings lately Last week he had people give during the sermon as they felt lead. Then, he asked widows and single parents to come and take what they needed from the baskets. Today, he took up an offering for one of his elders. I was coming in from taking my 3 year old to children’s church so I missed the beginning, but I know this man was one of Pastor Ron’s right hand men. I believe he is a founding member.

His wife has become unable to walk up and down the stairs and they are in need of a chair that can assist her. So instead of praying and sending him home to wait on God to provide, Pastor John sat a basket on the stage and asked people to give. I gave my 8 year old the cash we made from our Christmas tree sale and she eagerly joined hundreds of people in line to be the hands and feet of God for this family.  I’m certain the $5000 they needed to purchase the chair was exceeded.

As I watched the man crying into his hands, the tug in my heart to make giving a part of Woman, Live!’s foundation had grown into a full blown pull.

It reminded me of my unspoken need.

I had my 2nd daughter in Guam, nearly 8000 miles away from family. We dropped our 5 year old off at a friends’ house the morning I went into labor. She was taken to school, picked up and cared for all weekend. When Travis needed a shower, women from our church came to relieve him and sit with me The day I arrived home, Travis couldn’t find a pharmacy that had my medication in stock. In Guam, you can’t call and ask for narcs. They’ll say no even if they have it. So, he dropped me and the baby off and went back out to multiple pharmacies. I had just had not one, but two c-sections (due to complications) so every movement is uncomfortable. My milk came in all of a sudden so my breasts are engorged. The baby is crying and I’m in pain. I called a friend to come over and she was there in minutes. When my other friend walks in the door with my 5 year old, she’s had dinner in hand. Seeing my other friend holding the baby, she begins setting the table for Arden. At the same time, another friend stops by and starts washing the dishes and taking out the trash. When Arden was finished with dinner, someone began running her bath water. When Travis walked in, 3 angels were taking care of his wife and kids every need. We didn’t cook that entire week.

Women are amazing at taking care of other women. We are natural born she-roes. But, most of the time, we have no idea what the need is. Where can you go and say, “I have a job interview next week and I feel like I’m going to bomb it,” or “My kid doesn’t have a winter coat.” What about, “I’d really like to celebrate my birthday, but I don’t have any friends.” Or, “My biggest insecurity is my smile. My need is getting my teeth fixed.”

I see two things: Women who want to be used by God to make an impact, but not sure where to begin. And, I see women who need other women, but don’t know who to ask for help or how to ask. We’ve all been these two women.

Starting today, December 3rd, 2018, a bright thread in the fabric of Woman, Live! will be our giving. If you, or a woman you know, has a need, click here. And, if you would like to help meet that need, please click here.

Today I received another text with 2 more pictures with text that read, “We went to the dollar tree and got a a tree topper, skirt, and a stocking for $3.00. Thank goodness for piggy banks.” Her dad was holding the little girl in the air as she placed a star on the top of the tree.

I’m elated I’ve been to meet their need, but sad that a not having a Christmas tree was ever a worry in the first place. I sent her a link to my church’s toy drive and they weren’t taking any more submissions. If you would like to bless this mom and her family for Christmas, I’ve posted her needs in our private group.

You and I are going to touch so many lives.

Thanks for being a part of the Woman, Live! Tribe.

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