“Let The Fools Debate The Details.”

Our questions and doubt, while sometimes well-meaning, dig ditches for our friends to fall in and become stuck debating this way or that way instead of taking action on what they knowย right now.ย Instead of doing something.

Why Travis Cringes When He Passes My Old Job

No matter how you slice it, our very next step isn't sexy. It's a phase full of compromise and sacrifices. It's a phase of dinner with Daddy. It's a phase of overtime. It's a phase of we want _____ but we want financial freedom more. And, no matter how much we'd like to side-step it, it's not going anywhere. It's the key to our freedom. And, if I had continued to believe that the next step had to bring significance, prestige, and all those other things...I would have missed the answer to our prayer.